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Hey, I'm Andee, not Mary!

Wife to Joe.  

Mom to Louis + Grant.



- I love plants, books, hats, and exploring

outside with my family.

- My perfect Saturday includes a morning

photo session followed by breakfast with my family then a SXS creek ride with friends where kids fish and frolic and moms toast their White Claws.

- I have over 100 house plants in my home!!

- I equally love ellipsis, exclamation points,

and emojis!!

- I take a goofy, silly, laugh-at-me approach

to each session...and life!

- I’m an introverted extrovert.

- I'm a firm believer in the 6th love language:  foooood...ESPECIALLY Dot's Cheese Curls!!

- My favorite color is yellow, but I rarely wear it or decorate with it.

My first paid photography gig was back in 2005, and I've been shooting since. I had many seasons of rest and pause during that time, but when my oldest son was born in 2013, my passion for capturing moments and memories surged!! I've been shooting consistently ever since. 

I got my start developing film ( for a local photographer while I was in high school. She operated a studio and one hour photo lab, and while I never shot/apprenticed under her, I learned so much through her film rolls and client interactions. While working for her, my parents gifted me a Canon Rebel film camera, and my passion took off from there. 

My business is named after my grandmothers: 1 was Mary and the other left me the bell from when she taught in a small rural school…Mary Bell!


Tel: 785.741.4256


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